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Shortly before his death at the age of forty, he instructed Max Brod, his friend and literary executor "indubitableness." Soon after its composition, he wrote, in a few weeks, "The Metamorphosis," an indubitable masterpiece. It begins. Page 13 

Buy the 13th Age Glorantha PDF now, and you'll get a coupon for the full price of the PDF back when the hardback —More than 80 pages of monsters and enemies fully compatible with any 13th Age campaign, including 

Midgard Bestiary (13th Age Compatible) - Kobold Press | Midgard Campaign | donkeytime.org Download a high-resolution map of the Dragon Empire! This ancient world is the setting for 13th Age, the drolling fantasy roleplaying game from legendary designers Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo where you play epic adventures in a world where mighty Icons war and scheme in a tense balance of power.

13th Age - Bestiary Preview - White Dragon - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. 13th Age - RPG - Bestiary Preview - White Dragon

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The 13th Age Bestiary introduces all-new creatures for the 13th Age roleplaying game, plus surprising takes on some of your favorite monsters. It includes the fun and flexible mechanics you expect from 13th Age – and it makes every monster an adventure in its own right, with story hooks, icon relationships, customisable campaign elements and more advice on building exciting battles.

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